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Environmental Responsibility

As a business operating in the logistics industry, we can’t pretend that we don’t face a few environmental challenges. As a family business that has been passed down the generations, we are acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities to the next generation. That is why we make every effort to reduce our ‘environmental footprint’.

All our vehicles are Euro 6 compliant – meaning that our customers can rest assured that their goods will be transported with maximum fuel efficiency and minimum emissions. Our drivers have all received formal training on fuel efficient driving to further support our environmental policies.

At our site we are equally aware of our environmental responsibilities. Our extensive solar panel set up means that we generate much of our own electricity to power our estate and forklift vehicles. Our strict waste management policies ensure that waste from our site is minimised and recycled wherever possible.

A weekly inspection, compliance and audit regime means that our customers can be confident that our environmental policies really are translated into eco-friendly practices.